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Bruger: Anonym The Old Testament
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Chapter 1 Zechariah calls upon Judah to repent--He is shown by visions that..
Chapter 2 In the last days Judah shall gather to Jerusalem--They shall come..
Chapter 3 Zechariah speaks Messianically: The Branch shall come--At the Sec..
Chapter 4 Zerubbabel shall lay the foundation and finish the house of the L..
Chapter 5 An angel reveals truths to Zechariah by the use of symbolical rep..
Chapter 6 Zechariah crowns Joshua, the high priest, in similitude of Christ..
Chapter 7 The Lord reproves hypocrisy in fasts--He calls upon the people to..
Chapter 8 In the last days, Jerusalem shall be restored, Judah shall be gat..
Chapter 9 Zechariah speaks Messianically: Messiah shall come, having salvat..
Chapter 10 Judah and Joseph shall be sown among the people in far countries-..
Chapter 11 Zechariah speaks Messianically: Messiah shall be betrayed for thi..
Chapter 12 In the final great war, all nations shall be engaged at Jerusalem..
Chapter 13 The Jews shall gain forgiveness at the Second Coming--They shall..
Chapter 14 At his Second Coming the Lord shall fight for Israel--His feet sh..
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