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Bruger: Anonym The Old Testament
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The book of the prophet Jeremiah
Chapter 1 Jeremiah foreordained to be a prophet unto the nations--He is cal..
Chapter 2 The Jews forsook the Lord, the fountain of living waters--They ch..
Chapter 3 Israel and Judah defiled and polluted the land through wickedness..
Chapter 4 Israel and Judah called to repentance--Jeremiah laments for the m..
Chapter 5 Judgments shall be poured out upon the Jews because of their sins..
Chapter 6 Jerusalem shall be destroyed because of her iniquity--She shall b..
Chapter 7 If Jerusalem repent she shall be preserved--The temple has become..
Chapter 8 Calamities shall befall the inhabitants of Jerusalem--For them th..
Chapter 9 Jeremiah bewails the sins of the people--They will be scattered a..
Chapter 10 Learn not the way of the heathen--Their gods are idols and molten..
Chapter 11 The Jews are cursed for breaking the covenant of obedience--The L..
Chapter 12 Jeremiah complains of the prosperity of the wicked--If other nati..
Chapter 13 Israel and Judah shall be as a rotted and decayed girdle--Repenta..
Chapter 14 Jeremiah prays because of dearth and famine--The Lord will not he..
Chapter 15 The Jews shall suffer death and the sword and famine and captivit..
Chapter 16 Utter ruin of the Jews foreseen--Israel rejected and scattered fo..
Chapter 17 Captivity of Judah comes because of sin and forsaking the Lord--H..
Chapter 18 Israel is as potter's clay in the hands of the Lord--If nations r..
Chapter 19 The Lord will bring evil upon Judah--They sacrificed their childr..
Chapter 20 Jeremiah is smitten and put in the stocks--He prophesies that all..
Chapter 21 Jeremiah foretells the siege and captivity and destruction of Jer..
Chapter 22 David's throne stands or falls on the degree of obedience of the..
Chapter 23 The remnants of Israel shall be gathered in the last days--King M..
Chapter 24 Zedekiah and the Jews shall be cursed and scattered--Some shall b..
Chapter 25 Captive Judah shall serve Babylon seventy years--Divers nations s..
Chapter 26 Jeremiah prophesies the destruction of the people--For this he is..
Chapter 27 The Lord sends word to many nations that they are to serve Babylo..
Chapter 28 Hananiah prophesies falsely that the Babylonian yoke will be broken.
Chapter 29 Jeremiah tells Jews in Babylon to prepare for seventy years of ca..
Chapter 30 In the last days. Judah and Israel shall be gathered to their ow..
Chapter 31 In the last days, Israel shall be gathered--Ephraim has the birth..
Chapter 32 Jeremiah is imprisoned by Zedekiah--The prophet purchases land to..
Chapter 33 Judah and Israel shall be gathered--Christ the Branch of righteou..
Chapter 34 Jeremiah prophesies the captivity of Zedekiah--The Jews shall be..
Chapter 35 The Rechabites are commended and blessed for their obedience--The..
Chapter 36 Baruch writes the prophecies of Jeremiah and reads them in the ho..
Chapter 37 Jeremiah prophesies that Egypt shall not save Judah from Babylon-..
Chapter 38 The princes cast Jeremiah into a miry dungeon--He is freed by Ebe..
Chapter 39 Jerusalem is taken and the people captivated--Jeremiah and Ebed-m..
Chapter 40 The king of Babylon makes Gedaliah governor over the remnant of J..
Chapter 41 Ishmael kills Gedaliah and carries people of Mizpah captive--They..
Chapter 42 Jeremiah promises Johanan and the remnant of Judah peace and safe..
Chapter 43 Johanan carries Jeremiah and the remnant of Judah into Egypt--Jer..
Chapter 44 Jeremiah prophesies that the Jews in Egypt, save a small remnant,..
Chapter 45 Jeremiah promises Baruch that his life shall be preserved.
Chapter 46 Jeremiah prophesies the conquest of Egypt by Babylon--Jacob shall..
Chapter 47 Jeremiah foretells desolation and destruction upon the Philistines.
Chapter 48 Judgment and destruction shall come upon Moab for their contempt..
Chapter 49 Judgment and destruction shall come upon the Ammonites, Edom, Ked..
Chapter 50 Babylon shall be destroyed and never rise again--Scattered Israel..
Chapter 51 Judgments and destruction and desolation shall come upon Babylon..
Chapter 52 Jerusalem besieged and taken by the Chaldeans--Many people and th..
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