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Bruger: Anonym The Old Testament
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The second book of the Chronicles
Chapter 1 Solomon magnified before all Israel--The Lord appears to him--Sol..
Chapter 2 Solomon engages Huram of Tyre to supply timber for the temple--La..
Chapter 3 Solomon begins to build the temple--He makes the vail and the pil..
Chapter 4 Solomon makes the molten sea (baptismal font) and places it on tw..
Chapter 5 The temple finished and the ark of the covenant placed in holy of..
Chapter 6 Solomon blesses the congregation of Israel--He offers dedicatory..
Chapter 7 Fire from heaven consumes the sacrifices and burnt offerings--The..
Chapter 8 Solomon builds cities--He offers sacrifices according to the law..
Chapter 9 Queen of Sheba visits Solomon--He excels in wisdom, wealth, and m..
Chapter 10 The people request relief, but Rehoboam promises to increase the..
Chapter 11 Rehoboam strengthens the kingdom of Judah but is forbidden to sub..
Chapter 12 Rehoboam forsakes law of the Lord--Egyptians spoil Jerusalem and..
Chapter 13 Abijah reigns in Judah--He defeats Jeroboam and the armies of Isr..
Chapter 14 Asa reigns in Judah, rebuilds the cities, and defeats and spoils..
Chapter 15 Azariah prophesies Judah shall prosper if people keep the command..
Chapter 16 Asa employs Syria to defeat Israel--Hanani the seer reproves Asa..
Chapter 17 Jehoshaphat reigns well and prospers in Judah--Priests travel and..
Chapter 18 Jehoshaphat of Judah joins Ahab of Israel to fight Syria--Ahab's..
Chapter 19 Jehoshaphat rebuked for helping ungodly Ahab--He returns people t..
Chapter 20 Ammonites and others come against Judah--Jehoshaphat and all the..
Chapter 21 Jehoram slays his brothers, marries Ahab's daughter, and reigns i..
Chapter 22 Ahaziah reigns in wickedness, is slain by Jehu, and his mother (A..
Chapter 23 Jehoiada the priest makes Joash king--Athaliah is slain--Worship..
Chapter 24 Joash and Jehoiada receive contributions and repair the house of..
Chapter 25 Amaziah reigns, smites Edomites, and worships false gods--A proph..
Chapter 26 Uzziah reigns and prospers as long as he keeps the commandments--..
Chapter 27 Jotham reigns, builds up the kingdom, and subdues the Ammonites.
Chapter 28 Ahaz reigns in wickedness, practices idolatry, and his people are..
Chapter 29 Hezekiah reigns in righteousness and restores worship of Jehovah-..
Chapter 30 Hezekiah invites all Israel to a solemn passover in Jerusalem--So..
Chapter 31 Faithful portion of Israel overthrow false worship among them--Pe..
Chapter 32 Sennacherib invades Judah and besieges her cities--He rails again..
Chapter 33 Manasseh reigns in wickedness and worships false gods--He is take..
Chapter 34 Josiah destroys idolatry in Judah--They repair the house of the L..
Chapter 35 Josiah and all Judah keep a most solemn passover--Josiah slain by..
Chapter 36 Various kings rule in Judah--Nebuchadnezzar overruns Judah and ma..
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