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Bruger: Anonym The Old Testament
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The second book of Samuel, Otherwise called, The second book of the Kings
Chapter 1 David learns of death of Saul and Jonathan--He slays the Amalekit..
Chapter 2 David is anointed king over house of Judah--Ish-bosheth becomes k..
Chapter 3 The Houses of David and of Saul engage in a long war--David waxes..
Chapter 4 Two of Saul's captains slay Ish-bosheth--They take his head to Da..
Chapter 5 All Israel anoints David king--He takes Jerusalem and is blessed..
Chapter 6 David takes the ark to the city of David--Uzzah smitten and dies..
Chapter 7 David offers to build a house for the Lord--The Lord, through Nat..
Chapter 8 David defeats and subjects many nations--The Lord is with him--He..
Chapter 9 David seeks to honor the house of Saul--He finds Mephibosheth, th..
Chapter 10 David's messengers are abused by Ammonites--Israel defeats Ammoni..
Chapter 11 David lies with Bath-sheba and she conceives--He then arranges fo..
Chapter 12 Nathan tells David the parable of the ewe lamb--The Lord gave man..
Chapter 13 Amnon loves Tamar his sister and by artifice forces her--He is sl..
Chapter 14 Joab arranges by artifice to bring Absalom home after three years..
Chapter 15 Absalom conspires against David and gains the support of the peop..
Chapter 16 Mephibosheth is alleged to be seeking to be king--Shimei of the h..
Chapter 17 Ahithophel's counsel is overthrown by Hushai's--David is warned a..
Chapter 18 The Israelites are smitten in the woods of Ephraim--Joab slays Ab..
Chapter 19 Joab rebukes David for favoring his enemies instead of his friend..
Chapter 20 Sheba leads tribes of Israel away from David--Joab slays Amasa an..
Chapter 21 The Lord sends a famine--David understands that it is because Sau..
Chapter 22 David praises the Lord in a psalm of thanksgiving--The Lord is hi..
Chapter 23 David spoke by the power of the Holy Ghost--Rulers must be just,..
Chapter 24 David sins in numbering Israel and Judah--The men of war total 1,..
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