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Bruger: Anonym The Old Testament
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The first book of Samuel, Otherwise called, The first book of the Kings
Chapter 1 Hannah prays for a son, and vows to give him to the Lord--Eli the..
Chapter 2 Hannah sings praises to the Lord--Samuel ministers before the Lor..
Chapter 3 The Lord calls Samuel--House of Eli not purged by sacrifices and..
Chapter 4 Israelites smitten and defeated by Philistines, who also capture..
Chapter 5 Philistines place the ark in house of Dagon their god--Philistine..
Chapter 6 Philistines send back the ark with an offering--The Lord smites a..
Chapter 7 Samuel exhorts Israel to forsake Ashtaroth and Baalim and serve t..
Chapter 8 Samuel's sons take bribes and pervert judgment--Israel seeks for..
Chapter 9 Saul the son of Kish, a Benjamite, is a choice and goodly person-..
Chapter 10 Samuel anoints Saul to be captain over the Lord's inheritance--Sa..
Chapter 11 Ammonites encamp against Israelites of Jabesh-gilead--Saul rescue..
Chapter 12 Samuel testifies of his own just dealings in Israel--He reproves..
Chapter 13 Saul offers a burnt offering, and the Lord rejects him and choose..
Chapter 14 Jonathan smites garrison of the Philistines--Saul adjures the peo..
Chapter 15 Saul commanded to smite and destroy the Amalekites and all that t..
Chapter 16 The Lord chooses David of Beth-lehem as king--He is anointed by S..
Chapter 17 Israel and the Philistines engage in war--Goliath of Gath, a gian..
Chapter 18 Jonathan loves David--Saul sets David over his armies--David is h..
Chapter 19 Saul seeks to kill David--Michal saves David by artifice--David j..
Chapter 20 David and Jonathan make a covenant of friendship and peace--They..
Chapter 21 David gets help from Ahimelech the priest--He eats the shewbread-..
Chapter 22 David gains followers--He goes from one place to another, fleeing..
Chapter 23 David smites Philistines and saves Keilah--He continues to flee f..
Chapter 24 David finds Saul asleep in a cave and spares his life--Saul confe..
Chapter 25 Samuel dies--Nabal rebuffs David and refuses to give him food--Ab..
Chapter 26 David again spares Saul's life--He again refuses to stretch forth..
Chapter 27 David flees to Achish at Gath--He dwells among the Philistines fo..
Chapter 28 Saul enquires of witch of En-dor for revelation--She foretells hi..
Chapter 29 Israel and the Philistines gather for war--Philistine princes sen..
Chapter 30 The Amalekites spoil Ziklag and coasts of Judah--David smites Ama..
Chapter 31 Philistines defeat Israel--Saul and three sons are slain--Their b..
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