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Bruger: Anonym The Old Testament
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The fifth book of Moses, called Deuteronomy
Chapter 1 Moses begins recitation of all that befell Israel during forty ye..
Chapter 2 Israel presses forward to their promised land--They pass through..
Chapter 3 Israel destroys people of Bashan--Their lands, on east of Jordan,..
Chapter 4 Moses exhorts Israel to keep commandments, to teach them to their..
Chapter 5 Moses tells of covenant God made with Israel in Horeb--Ten Comman..
Chapter 6 Moses proclaims: The Lord our God is one Lord; and, Thou shalt lo..
Chapter 7 Israel to destroy seven nations of Canaan--Marriages with them ar..
Chapter 8 The Lord tested Israel in wilderness for forty years--Eating mann..
Chapter 9 Other nations driven out of Canaan because of their wickedness--M..
Chapter 10 Tables of stone containing Ten Commandments placed in ark--All th..
Chapter 11 Thou shalt love and obey the Lord thy God--If Israel obeys they s..
Chapter 12 Israel to destroy Canaanitish gods and places of worship--The Lor..
Chapter 13 The Lord tests his people to see if they will worship false gods-..
Chapter 14 Israelites are children of the Lord Jehovah--Unclean beasts, fish..
Chapter 15 Every seven years all debts shall be released--Care for poor enjo..
Chapter 16 Israel shall keep the passover; also, the feast of unleavened bre..
Chapter 17 Those who worship false gods shall be put to death--Priests and j..
Chapter 18 How priests are supported--Divination, spiritualism, and the like..
Chapter 19 Cities of refuge appointed for cases of manslaughter--Murderers s..
Chapter 20 Laws revealed for selection of soldiers and making of war--Hittit..
Chapter 21 How murders by unknown persons are expiated--Equity required in d..
Chapter 22 Moses sets forth laws pertaining to: lost property, wearing of pr..
Chapter 23 Moses specifies those who may and may not enter the congregation-..
Chapter 24 Laws given concerning divorce, newly married persons, making merc..
Chapter 25 Judges prescribe punishment for wicked--Marriage law provides for..
Chapter 26 Israel shall offer to the Lord a basket of firstfruits of Canaan-..
Chapter 27 Israel shall cross Jordan, build an altar, and worship the Lord--..
Chapter 28 If Israel is obedient they shall be blessed temporally and spirit..
Chapter 29 Israel makes a covenant with the Lord whereunder they shall be bl..
Chapter 30 Scattered Israel shall be gathered from all nations when they rem..
Chapter 31 Moses counsels Joshua and all Israel to be strong and of good cou..
Chapter 32 Israel shall sing the song of Moses, acclaiming: God speaks to he..
Chapter 33 Moses blesses tribes of Israel--Levi blessed to teach the Lord's..
Chapter 34 Moses sees promised land and is taken by the Lord--Joshua leads I..
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