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Bruger: Anonym The Old Testament
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The fourth book of Moses, called Numbers
Chapter 1 Moses and princes in Israel number in each tribe (except Levi) th..
Chapter 2 Order and leaders of tribes and armies of Israel in their tents a..
Chapter 3 Aaron and his sons minister in priest's office--Levites chosen to..
Chapter 4 When camps of Israel move, Aaron and his sons cover holy things i..
Chapter 5 Lepers put out of camp--Sinners must confess and make restitution..
Chapter 6 Law of the Nazarite set forth, whereby children of Israel may con..
Chapter 7 Princes of Israel make offerings for tabernacle at its dedication..
Chapter 8 Levites washed, consecrated, and set apart by laying on of hands-..
Chapter 9 Israel again commanded to keep passover--Cloud rest upon tabernac..
Chapter 10 Silver trumpets used to call assemblies and to blow alarms--Cloud..
Chapter 11 Fire from the Lord consumes rebels in Israel--Israel murmurs and..
Chapter 12 Aaron and Miriam complain against Moses, the most meek of all men..
Chapter 13 Moses sends twelve spies to search land of Canaan--Ten of them br..
Chapter 14 Israel murmurs and speaks of returning to Egypt--Joshua and Caleb..
Chapter 15 Various sacrificial ordinances bring forgiveness to repentant Isr..
Chapter 16 Korah, Dathan, and Abiram and 250 leaders rebel and seek priestly..
Chapter 17 As a test, a rod for each tribe is placed in the tabernacle of wi..
Chapter 18 Aaron and his sons called to minister in priest's office--Levites..
Chapter 19 Directions given for sacrifice of red heifer--Water of separation..
Chapter 20 Miriam dies--Moses smites rock at Meribah and brings forth water-..
Chapter 21 Israel destroys those Canaanites who fight against her--She is pl..
Chapter 22 Balak offers money and cattle and great honors to Balaam to curse..
Chapter 23 The Lord commands Balaam to bless Israel--He does so, saying: Who..
Chapter 24 Balaam sees in vision and prophesies of the destiny of Israel--He..
Chapter 25 Israelites who worship false gods are slain--Phinehas slays adult..
Chapter 26 Moses and Eleazar number Israel on plains of Moab near Jericho--M..
Chapter 27 Law of inheritances to sons and daughters and kinsmen set forth--..
Chapter 28 Sacrifices to be offered each morning and evening, on sabbath, on..
Chapter 29 Sacrifices to be offered during seventh month, including at feast..
Chapter 30 Vows and oaths must be kept--Fathers may disallow vows of daughte..
Chapter 31 Moses sends forth 12,000 warriors who destroy Midianites--Prey di..
Chapter 32 Reuben and Gad and half the tribe of Manasseh receive their inher..
Chapter 33 Review of Israel's journeys from Egypt to Canaan--They are comman..
Chapter 34 Moses specifies borders of Israel's inheritance in Canaan, and na..
Chapter 35 Levites to possess their own cities--Cities of refuge established..
Chapter 36 Daughters in Israel directed to marry within their own tribe--Inh..
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