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Bruger: Anonym The Old Testament
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The third book of Moses, called Leviticus
Chapter 1 Sacrifices of animals without blemish made as an atonement for si..
Chapter 2 How offerings of flour with oil and incense are made.
Chapter 3 Peace offerings made with animals without blemish, whose blood is..
Chapter 4 Sinners are forgiven through sin offerings of animals without ble..
Chapter 5 People to confess and make amends for their sins--Forgiveness com..
Chapter 6 People first make restitution for sin, then offer a trespass offe..
Chapter 7 Laws governing various sacrifices set forth--Israel forbidden to..
Chapter 8 Aaron and his sons are washed, anointed, clothed in their priesth..
Chapter 9 Aaron makes an atonement by sacrifice for himself and all Israel-..
Chapter 10 Nadab and Abihu perform unauthorized sacrifices and are slain by..
Chapter 11 The Lord reveals which living things may and may not be eaten; al..
Chapter 12 The Lord reveals law of purification of women after childbirth, i..
Chapter 13 Laws and tokens revealed for discerning and controlling leprosy--..
Chapter 14 Laws, rites, and sacrifices revealed for cleansing lepers, and th..
Chapter 15 Laws, rites, and sacrifices revealed for cleansing those who have..
Chapter 16 How and when holy place must be entered by Aaron--sacrifices offe..
Chapter 17 Sacrifices to be offered only to the Lord, and at the tabernacle..
Chapter 18 Israel shall not live as the Egyptians and the Canaanites--Marria..
Chapter 19 Israel commanded: Be holy, live righteously, love thy neighbor, a..
Chapter 20 Death penalty prescribed for sacrificing children to Molech, curs..
Chapter 21 The priests shall be holy--The high priest shall not marry a wido..
Chapter 22 Those of the priest and their families who may eat of the holy th..
Chapter 23 Israel to hold an holy convocation on each weekly sabbath--Israel..
Chapter 24 Perpetual fire to burn without the vail in the tabernacle--A blas..
Chapter 25 Each seventh year to be kept as a sabbath year--Each fiftieth yea..
Chapter 26 Temporal and spiritual blessings to abound in Israel if they keep..
Chapter 27 How properties are consecrated unto the Lord--Israel commanded to..
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