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Bruger: Anonym The Old Testament
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The second book of Moses, called Exodus
Chapter 1 The children of Israel multiply--They are placed in bondage by Eg..
Chapter 2 Moses is born to Levite parents; raised by Pharaoh's daughter; in..
Chapter 3 The Lord appears to Moses at the burning bush--Moses called to de..
Chapter 4 The Lord gives signs to Moses--Aaron chosen as a spokesman--Israe..
Chapter 5 Moses and Aaron ask Pharaoh to free Israel--Pharaoh responds: Who..
Chapter 6 The Lord identifies himself as Jehovah--Genealogy of Reuben, Sime..
Chapter 7 Moses appointed to give word of the Lord to Pharaoh--The Lord to..
Chapter 8 The Lord sends plagues of frogs, lice, and flies upon Egypt--Phar..
Chapter 9 The Lord destroys cattle of Egyptians, but not of Israelites--Boi..
Chapter 10 The Lord sends plague of locusts--This is followed by thick darkn..
Chapter 11 Departing Israel authorized to ask for jewels and gold from their..
Chapter 12 The Lord institutes the Passover, and the feast of unleavened bre..
Chapter 13 Firstborn of man and of beasts to be sanctified unto the Lord--Fe..
Chapter 14 Israel goes out of Egypt--They pass through the Red Sea on dry gr..
Chapter 15 Israel sings the song of Moses--They extol the Lord as a man of w..
Chapter 16 Israel murmurs for want of bread, and lusts for the flesh pots of..
Chapter 17 Israel murmurs for want of water--Moses smites rock in Horeb, and..
Chapter 18 Jethro comes to Moses bringing Moses' wife and sons'; he offers s..
Chapter 19 The Lord covenants to make Israel a peculiar treasure, a kingdom..
Chapter 20 The Lord reveals the Ten Commandments--Israel is to bear witness..
Chapter 21 The Lord reveals his laws pertaining to servants; plural marriage..
Chapter 22 The Lord reveals his laws pertaining to stealing, destructions by..
Chapter 23 The Lord reveals his laws pertaining to integrity and godly condu..
Chapter 24 Israel accepts word of the Lord by covenant--Moses sprinkles the..
Chapter 25 Israel commanded to donate property and build a tabernacle; also..
Chapter 26 Tabernacle to be built with ten curtains and with boards--Vail to..
Chapter 27 Tabernacle to contain an altar for burnt offerings; also, a court..
Chapter 28 Aaron and his sons to be consecrated and anointed to minister in..
Chapter 29 Aaron and his sons to be washed, anointed, and consecrated--Vario..
Chapter 30 Altar of incense to be placed before the vail--Atonement to be ma..
Chapter 31 Artisans inspired in building and furnishing the tabernacle--Isra..
Chapter 32 Aaron makes a golden calf, which Israel worships--Moses serves as..
Chapter 33 The Lord promises to be with Israel and drive out the people of t..
Chapter 34 Moses hews new tables of stone--He goes up into mount Sinai for f..
Chapter 35 Sabbath observance enjoined upon Israel--Free gifts offered for t..
Chapter 36 Wise hearted men chosen to work on the tabernacle--Liberality of..
Chapter 37 Bezaleel makes the ark, the mercy seat, and the cherubims--He mak..
Chapter 38 Bezaleel and others make the altar of burnt offerings and all thi..
Chapter 39 Holy garments made for Aaron and the priests--They make the breas..
Chapter 40 The tabernacle is reared--Aaron and his sons washed and anointed..
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