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Bruger: Anonym The Old Testament
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The first book of Moses, called Genesis
Chapter 1 God creates this earth and its heaven and all forms of life in si..
Chapter 2 Creation completed--God rests on the seventh day--Prior spirit cr..
Chapter 3 The Serpent (Lucifer) deceives Eve--She and then Adam partake of..
Chapter 4 Eve bears Cain and Abel--They offer sacrifices--Cain slays Abel a..
Chapter 5 The generations of Adam are: Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel..
Chapter 6 Sons of God marry daughters of men--Men turn to wickedness; earth..
Chapter 7 Noah's family and various beasts and fowls enter the ark--The flo..
Chapter 8 The flood ceases--Noah sends forth a dove, which returns with an..
Chapter 9 Noah and his sons commanded to multiply and fill the earth--They..
Chapter 10 The generations of Noah are: Japheth, whose descendants are Genti..
Chapter 11 All men speak the same language--They build tower of Babel--The L..
Chapter 12 Abram shall become a great nation--He and his seed shall bless al..
Chapter 13 Abram returns from Egypt--He and Lot part--The Lord will make Abr..
Chapter 14 Lot captured in battles of the kings--He is rescued by Abram--Mel..
Chapter 15 Abram desires offspring--The Lord promises him seed in number as..
Chapter 16 Sarai gives Hagar to Abram as his wife--Hagar flees from Sarai--A..
Chapter 17 Abram commanded to be perfect--He shall be a father of many natio..
Chapter 18 Abraham entertains three holy men--They promise that Sarah shall..
Chapter 19 Lot entertains holy men--The men of Sodom seek to abuse Lot's gue..
Chapter 20 Abimelech desires Sarah, who is preserved by the Lord--Abraham pr..
Chapter 21 Sarah bears Isaac--He is circumcised--Promises to Abraham preserv..
Chapter 22 Abraham commanded to sacrifice Isaac, his son--Both father and so..
Chapter 23 Sarah dies and is buried in the cave of Machpelah, which Abraham..
Chapter 24 Abraham commands that Isaac shall not marry a Canaanite--The Lord..
Chapter 25 Abraham marries, has seed, dies, and is buried in the cave of Mac..
Chapter 26 The Lord promises Isaac posterity as the stars of heaven in numbe..
Chapter 27 Rebekah guides Jacob in seeking blessings--Jacob is blessed to ha..
Chapter 28 Isaac forbids Jacob to marry a Canaanite--He blesses Jacob and hi..
Chapter 29 Jacob meets Rachel at the well--He serves Laban seven years for h..
Chapter 30 Jacob marries Bilhah and she bears Dan and Naphtali--He marries Z..
Chapter 31 The Lord commands Jacob to return to Canaan, and he departs secre..
Chapter 32 Jacob sees angels--He asks God to preserve him from Esau, for who..
Chapter 33 Jacob and Esau meet and are reconciled--Esau receives Jacob's pre..
Chapter 34 Shechem defiles Dinah--Hivites seek to arrange marriage with Jaco..
Chapter 35 God sends Jacob to Beth-el, where he builds an altar, and the Lor..
Chapter 36 The generations of Esau, who is Edom, are set forth.
Chapter 37 Jacob loves and favors Joseph, who is hated by his brothers--Jose..
Chapter 38 Judah has three sons by a Canaanite woman--Er and Onan slain by t..
Chapter 39 Joseph, prospered by the Lord, becomes ruler of Potiphar's house-..
Chapter 40 Joseph interprets the dreams of Pharaoh's chief butler and chief..
Chapter 41 Pharaoh dreams of the kine and the ears--Joseph interprets the dr..
Chapter 42 Jacob sends his sons to buy grain in Egypt--They bow before Josep..
Chapter 43 Jacob is persuaded to send Benjamin to Egypt--Joseph's brethren m..
Chapter 44 Joseph arranges to stop the return of his brethren to Canaan--Jud..
Chapter 45 Joseph makes himself known to his brethren--They rejoice together..
Chapter 46 The Lord sends Jacob and his family of seventy souls to Egypt--Th..
Chapter 47 Israelites settle in Goshen--Jacob blesses Pharaoh--Joseph sells..
Chapter 48 Jacob tells of the appearance of God to him in Luz--He adopts Eph..
Chapter 49 Jacob blesses his sons and their seed--Reuben, Simeon, and Levi a..
Chapter 50 Jacob's body is embalmed--Joseph buries him in Canaan--He comfort..
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