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Bruger: Anonym The Book of Mormon
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The Book of Helaman
An account of the Nephites. Their wars and contentions, and their dissensions. And also the prophecies of many holy prophets, before the coming of Christ, according to the records of Helaman, who was the son of Helaman, and also according to the records of his sons, even down to the coming of Christ. And also many of the Lamanites are converted. An account of their conversion. An account of the righteousness of the Lamanites, and the wickedness and abominations of the Nephites, according to the record of Helaman and his sons, even down to the coming of Christ, which is called the book of Helaman.
Chapter 1 Pahoran the second becomes chief judge and is murdered by Kishkum..
Chapter 2 Helaman the second becomes chief judge--Gadianton leads the band..
Chapter 3 Many Nephites migrate to the land northward--They build houses of..
Chapter 4 Nephite dissenters and the Lamanites join forces and take the lan..
Chapter 5 Nephi and Lehi devote themselves to preaching--Their names invite..
Chapter 6 The righteous Lamanites preach to the wicked Nephites--Both peopl..
Chapter 7 THE PROPHECY OF NEPHI, THE SON OF HELAMAN--God threatens the peop..
Chapter 8 Corrupt judges seek to incite the people against Nephi--Abraham,..
Chapter 9 Messengers find the chief judge dead at the judgment seat--They a..
Chapter 10 The Lord gives Nephi the sealing power--He is empowered to bind a..
Chapter 11 Nephi persuades the Lord to replace their war with a famine--Many..
Chapter 12 Men are unstable and foolish and quick to do evil--The Lord chast..
Chapter 13 The prophecy of Samuel, the Lamanite, to the Nephites. Comprising..
Chapter 14 Samuel predicts light during the night and a new star at Christ's..
Chapter 15 The Lord chastened the Nephites because he loved them--Converted..
Chapter 16 The Nephites who believe Samuel are baptized by Nephi--Samuel can..
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