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Bruger: Anonym The Book of Mormon
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The Book of Alma
The Son of Alma
The account of Alma, who was the son of Alma the first, and chief judge over the people of Nephi, and also the high priest over the Church. An account of the reign of the judges, and the wars and contentions among the people. And also an account of a war between the Nephites and the Lamanites, according to the record of Alma, the first and chief judge.
Chapter 1 Nehor teaches false doctrines, establishes a church, introduces p..
Chapter 2 Amlici seeks to become king and is rejected by the voice of the p..
Chapter 3 The Amlicites had marked themselves according to the prophetic wo..
Chapter 4 Alma baptizes thousands of converts--Iniquity enters the Church,..
Chapter 5 The words which Alma the High Priest according to the holy order..
Chapter 6 The Church in Zarahemla is cleansed and set in order--Alma goes t..
Chapter 7 The words of Alma which he delivered to the people in Gideon, acc..
Chapter 8 Alma preaches and baptizes in Melek--He is rejected in Ammonihah..
Chapter 9 The words of Alma, and also the words of Amulek, which were decla..
Chapter 10 Lehi descended from Manasseh--Amulek recounts the angelic command..
Chapter 11 Nephite coinage set forth--Amulek contends with Zeezrom--Christ w..
Chapter 12 Alma contends with Zeezrom--The mysteries of God can be given onl..
Chapter 13 Men are called as high priests because of their exceeding faith a..
Chapter 14 Alma and Amulek are imprisoned and smitten--The believers and the..
Chapter 15 Alma and Amulek go to Sidom and establish a church--Alma heals Ze..
Chapter 16 The Lamanites destroy the people of Ammonihah--Zoram leads the Ne..
Chapter 17 An account of the sons of Mosiah, who rejected their rights to th..
Chapter 18 King Lamoni supposes Ammon is the Great Spirit--Ammon teaches the..
Chapter 19 Lamoni receives the light of everlasting life and sees the Redeem..
Chapter 20 The Lord sends Ammon to Middoni to deliver his imprisoned brethre..
Chapter 21 An account of the preaching of Aaron, and Muloki, and their breth..
Chapter 22 Aaron teaches Lamoni's father about the creation, the fall of Ada..
Chapter 23 Religious freedom is proclaimed--The Lamanites in seven lands and..
Chapter 24 The Lamanites come against the people of God--The Anti-Nephi-Lehi..
Chapter 25 Lamanite aggressions spread--The seed of the priests of Noah peri..
Chapter 26 Ammon glories in the Lord--The faithful are strengthened by the L..
Chapter 27 The Lord commands Ammon to lead the people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi to..
Chapter 28 The Lamanites are defeated in a tremendous battle--Tens of thousa..
Chapter 29 Alma desires to cry repentance with angelic zeal--The Lord grants..
Chapter 30 Korihor, the antichrist, ridicules Christ, the atonement, and the..
Chapter 31 Alma heads a mission to reclaim the apostate Zoramites--The Zoram..
Chapter 32 Alma teaches the poor whose afflictions had humbled them--Faith i..
Chapter 33 Zenos taught that men should pray and worship in all places, and..
Chapter 34 Amulek testifies that the word is in Christ unto salvation--Unles..
Chapter 35 The preaching of the word destroys the craft of the Zoramites--Th..
Chapter 36 The commandments of Alma to his son, Helaman. Comprising chapters..
Chapter 37 The plates of brass and other scriptures are preserved to bring s..
Chapter 38 The commandments of Alma to his son, Shiblon.
Chapter 39 The commandments of Alma to his son, Corianton. Comprising chapte..
Chapter 40 Christ bringeth to pass the resurrection of all men--The righteou..
Chapter 41 In the resurrection men come forth to a state of endless happines..
Chapter 42 Mortality is a probationary time to enable man to repent and serv..
Chapter 43 Alma and his sons preach the word--The Zoramites and other Nephit..
Chapter 44 Moroni commands the Lamanites to make a covenant of peace or be d..
Chapter 45 The account of the people of Nephi, and their wars and dissension..
Chapter 46 Amalickiah conspires to be king--Moroni raises the title of liber..
Chapter 47 Amalickiah uses treachery, murder, and intrigue to become king of..
Chapter 48 Amalickiah incites the Lamanites against Nephites--Moroni prepare..
Chapter 49 The invading Lamanites are unable to take the fortified cities of..
Chapter 50 Moroni fortifies the lands of the Nephites--They build many new c..
Chapter 51 The king-men seek to change the law and set up a king--Pahoran an..
Chapter 52 Ammoron succeeds Amalickiah as king of the Lamanites--Moroni, Tea..
Chapter 53 The Lamanite prisoners are used to fortify the city Bountiful--Di..
Chapter 54 Ammoron and Moroni negotiate for the exchange of prisoners--Moron..
Chapter 55 Moroni refuses to exchange prisoners--The Lamanite guards are ent..
Chapter 56 Helaman sends an epistle to Moroni recounting the state of the wa..
Chapter 57 Helaman recounts the taking of Antiparah and the surrender and la..
Chapter 58 Helaman, Gid, and Teomner take the city of Manti by a stratagem--..
Chapter 59 Moroni asks Pahoran to strengthen the forces of Helaman--The Lama..
Chapter 60 Moroni complains to Pahoran of the government's neglect of the ar..
Chapter 61 Pahoran tells Moroni of the insurrection and rebellion against th..
Chapter 62 Moroni marches to the aid of Pahoran in the land of Gideon--The k..
Chapter 63 Shiblon and later Helaman take possession of the sacred records--..
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