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Bruger: Anonym The Book of Mormon
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The Book of Mosiah
Chapter 1 King Benjamin teaches his sons the language and prophecies of the..
Chapter 2 King Benjamin addresses his people--He recounts the equity, fairn..
Chapter 3 King Benjamin continues his address--The Lord Omnipotent shall mi..
Chapter 4 King Benjamin continues his address--Salvation comes because of t..
Chapter 5 The saints become the sons and daughters of Christ through faith-..
Chapter 6 King Benjamin records the names of the people and appoints priest..
Chapter 7 Ammon finds the land of Lehi-Nephi where Limhi is king--Limhi's p..
Chapter 8 Ammon teaches the people of Limhi--He learns of the twenty-four J..
Chapter 9 THE RECORD OF ZENIFF--An account of his people, from the time the..
Chapter 10 King Laman dies--His people are wild and ferocious and believe in..
Chapter 11 King Noah rules in wickedness--He revels in riotous living with h..
Chapter 12 Abinadi is imprisoned for prophesying the destruction of the peop..
Chapter 13 Abinadi is protected by divine power--He teaches the Ten Commandm..
Chapter 14 Isaiah speaks Messianically--Messiah's humiliation and sufferings..
Chapter 15 How Christ is both the Father and the Son--He shall make interces..
Chapter 16 God redeems men from their lost and fallen state--Those who are c..
Chapter 17 Alma believes and writes the words of Abinadi--Abinadi suffers de..
Chapter 18 Alma preaches in private--He sets forth the covenant of baptism a..
Chapter 19 Gideon seeks to slay King Noah--The Lamanites invade the land--Ki..
Chapter 20 Lamanite daughters are abducted by the priests of Noah--The Laman..
Chapter 21 Limhi's people are smitten and defeated by the Lamanites--They me..
Chapter 22 Plans are made for the people to escape from Lamanite bondage--Th..
Chapter 23 An account of Alma and the people of the Lord, who were driven in..
Chapter 24 Amulon persecutes Alma and his people--They are to be put to deat..
Chapter 25 The people (the Mulekites) of Zarahemla become Nephites--They lea..
Chapter 26 Many members of the Church are led into sin by unbelievers--Alma..
Chapter 27 Mosiah forbids persecution and enjoins equality--Alma the younger..
Chapter 28 The sons of Mosiah shall have eternal life--They go to preach to..
Chapter 29 Mosiah proposes that judges be chosen in place of a king--Unright..
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